What a Family Law Attorney Can Do for You

Most people don’t think about lawyers when they are in the middle of a family crisis, but that can be a big mistake. Not many legal issues can be settled easily between two angry or frustrated people; also, the courts will not uphold or support most agreements made between family members on a handshake. Here are some of the many things a family law attorney can help your family with.

1. Divorce

No one wants to go through a divorce when they get married, but it happens. To make sure you settle the issues fairly and calmly, your attorney can help you with the paperwork, mediator, and court meetings. Sometimes your lawyer can help you settle your divorce without the intervention of the court, and that can save you lots of money.

2. Child Support

As incomes go up and down, jobs shift, and people find themselves out of work, child support situations can also change. Your family law Philadelphia PA attorney can help you stay on top of all the problems associated with child support to ensure your children are protected without breaking your bank.

3. Alimony

Alimony is an amount of money given by one spouse to another at the end of the marriage. It can be a one-time payment or can extend for many months. It generally lasts until the other person remarries or has a significant change in financial affairs.

4. Guardianship

Sometimes, a minor or elderly member of your family needs someone to manage his or her affairs because the person is unable to manage daily life for himself or herself. Many times, the financial decisions of the person in question must be protected from family rivalries, spending abuse, or manipulations. With the help of an attorney, guardianship can be put in place to protect the well-being of the dependent individual.

If you have questions about how to handle legal family situations, contact your attorney for answers. Don’t try to make legal contracts on your own.

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