What to Do if You Get Into a Car Accident in Another State?

A car accident can happen anytime, anywhere. We might get in a collision within a few minutes of leaving our house. Or, we might even get involved in an accident hours away from where we live.

What happens, though, if the car accident occurs while you’re in a different state from where you live? What should you do? Follow our quick guide to figure out what the next steps are.

Observe the Scene for Safety, and Call 911

When a car accident happens, it’s always critical to make sure both yourself, any passengers you have, and any the occupants of the other vehicle(s) involved are physically and emotionally well after the collision. A bit of first aid might be necessary in the case of any injuries or pain.

Calling 911 is the next critical step. Remain calm as you explain that there was a vehicle collision, where it has taken place, and report any injuries or potential injuries that occurred either against you or another individual. Continue any first aid until authorities arrive.

Document the Scene

For insurance and/or lawsuit purposes, any and all documentation you can get is important. For instance, it’s critical to get photo evidence of the collision. Get pictures of any physical injuries as well as the damages to all vehicles involved. Video footage is also a great idea to capture. Make sure license plates are included in the photos and/or video.

Take a Closer Look at Your Insurance Policy

While you might be worried that your auto insurance won’t cover you if you get in a collision in another state, first take a deep breath. Take the time to look over your policy to find out if it does. If you are still uncertain if your policy covers out-of-state collisions, you can always call up your insurance company for an answer.

Fortunately, most auto insurance policies do, in fact, cover out-of-state car accidents. After all, it isn’t uncommon for people to drive out of state. And insurance companies are well aware that accidents can take place anywhere.

Contact an Auto Accident Attorney

Sometimes car accidents can be tricky to address. It’s not always easy knowing who is at fault and who isn’t. And sometimes there are situations where the guilty party refuses to rightfully pay up to cover any damages or injuries they caused.

In the latter case, it’s a great idea to reach out to a  New Orleans Auto Accident Attorney. An expert like this can help you make better sense of the collision and tell you your rights. They can also assist you in the event that you are seeking payment from the guilty party to cover any emotional damages, vehicle damages, and/or physical injuries you or your family faced.


Getting in a car accident anywhere is a scary and stressful ordeal. However, the situation gets even more nerve wracking if the wreck happened in a different state. Considering our latter guide will help you navigate a situation like this with greater ease and control.

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