Why You Need a Lawyer for Your Workers Compensation Claim

According to the BLS, there were over 2.9 million people who were injured in the workplace in the year of 2016. Every year, there are millions of people who are seriously injured at work that may cause them to not be able to perform their job efficiently. For example, someone performing a job that requires them to use their hands consistently, may one day experience an injury due to the job that they do. Once they become severely injured, they are no longer able to perform the same job. They need to have time to be medically treated properly, to perform the job more efficiently and to recover. Many times, people who become injured at work find themselves left stranded. People who once depended on their main source of income now must worry about how they’re going to recover their losses due to their injuries. Many times, filing for workers compensation is something that cannot be done alone. Filing for workers compensation with assistance from a lawyer will significantly increase your claim to being approved.

According to EHS Today, there has been a significant rise in the amount of people getting injured in the workplace, by 7 percent from the year of 2015 until 2017. There are more and more people becoming severely injured at work and are left facing a huge hit in income. Many of those who are injured in the workplace are the head of the household, responsible for taking care of several children as well as a spouse. Once you become injured, your income will significantly decrease or completely stop, due to you not being able to perform the same responsibilities. Many times, these individuals are directly denied from workers compensation and are completely left with nothing to help to feed their families and pay their bills, leaving some families homeless. It is not fair for those who are injured in the workplace to get rejected from benefits that they are rightfully entitled to. Many times, these individuals have no choice but to accept the denial, due to not having legal assistance.

Those who have been severely injured at work deserve to receive benefits that they have worked for. many times, people are directly rejected for benefits for any small reason that they can find. If you or someone you know that has been rejected for workers compensation benefits, you want to make sure that you receive assistance and or advice from a professional lawyer. Only a lawyer will understand the laws, rules and regulations to get you the benefits you deserve. You can easily take time to find a qualified lawyer by taking time to search online for: workers compensation attorney merrillville in.

Overall, being injured from work can take a toll on you. It can become extremely stressful taking a hit on the only income that you have to provide for your family. If you are faced with a stressful situation of being denied for benefits, you want to make sure that you find a qualified lawyer to help you get through this hurdle.

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