Wrongful Negligence, Liability and Your Rights

A person who has been injured due to someone else’s wrongful negligence Houston TX has the right to compensation for the consequences of that injury. In addition to medical expenses and pain and suffering, the injured party can recover costs of damaged or lost property and lost wages due to recovery or disability. A plaintiff (the injured party) may even be able to get compensation for the loss of a family member.

An injured party can attempt to get recovery on their own, but it is better to have legal representation. The primary reason is that insurance companies have their own lawyers whose job is to see that the plaintiff gets as little as possible — and they know all the tricks. While a plaintiff’s attorney understands this and knows how to handle them, there are a few things a client can do that will increase the chances an injury claim will be successful.

Gather Evidence, Keep Records

The most important action a plaintiff can take to maximize the chances of a successful settlement is to document the accident and the aftermath in as much detail as possible. Photographs and witness statements are invaluable to a litigation lawyer when building a case. Medical records and copies of bills will also help to support the plaintiff’s claim.

Remain Silent

While civil litigation is different from criminal proceedings, exercising the “right to remain silent” is still excellent advice for the plaintiff.  Insurance companies and their lawyers regularly scour a claimant’s social media accounts and online posts for reasons to minimize or deny the claim. They may even interview friends and family members. It’s best to say nothing and avoid giving them any reason to refuse payment. For the same reason, a plaintiff should not sign anything until his/her own attorney has examined it.

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