3 Injuries You May Sustain in a Car Accident

Commuting is a regular way of life for many people. With all the traffic on an already-strained infrastructure, traffic often builds, leaving little room for a lapse. When cars collide, accidents may yield a variety of injuries for one or all involved. These injuries might range in severity from walking away with nothing to not walking away at all. Depending on the crash, you may find your injuries are somewhere on this scale. These three injuries are some of the most common you may suffer when dealing with a motor vehicle accident.

1. Traumatic Brain Injury

Your brain is well protected in the skull, but even so, there are times when a collision may cause an injury to your head. Even when wearing a safety restraint, your head may come into contact with the headliner, steering wheel or even a passenger in the vehicle. When your head makes contact in a violent situation, you may suffer a concussion. In situations where no outside contact occurs, your brain may become bruised from hitting your skull during the violent movement of a crash. Bleeding and swelling may result. Consulting with a car accident attorney carroll county may help guide you through filing a claim to get medical help.

2. Whiplash

Even in low-impact crashes, soft tissue injuries may occur. The most common one of these is whiplash, which is an injury involving the neck. It is not something that presents on X-rays, but it may still cause long-lasting pain nonetheless. You may require medication or even physical therapy for relief.

3.  Spinal Cord Injury

One of the most traumatic injuries is one to the back or spinal cord. VVertabrae may compress on the discs between them causing a herniation. This results in the rubbing of bone on bone and causes extreme pain. Other spinal cord injuries may result in catastrophic consequences such as paralysis.

Getting help with your medical treatment after a car accident may prove beneficial. If you require long-term care or even surgical intervention, you may find yourself with too many medical bills and not enough income to cover them.

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