Benefits of Vinyl Wraps For Cars

Why would anyone want to install automotive-grade vinyl film on their car? The answer lies in its durability, affordability, and protection. Here are some reasons to use this type of wrap. Cost and installation are two major advantages, but there are many others, too. If you’re unsure whether vinyl wrap for cars Brampton, ON is the right option for your car, look at the pros and cons of the various types of car wrapping films.


If you’re planning to apply a vinyl wrap to your car, there are some things that you need to keep in mind:

  1. Vinyl is not metal, so it is prone to abrasions and scratches. Therefore, washing your car at least once a week is important to avoid damaging the vinyl.
  2. It will help if you clean the vinyl with a special washing solution for vinyl.
  3. It will help if you don’t use metal protectants on it.

The lifespan of a car wrap depends on a variety of factors. For instance, prolonged exposure to the sun will reduce the lifespan of your wrap. Frequent washing may also decrease the lifespan. However, by maintaining the wrap correctly, you can expect it to last five to seven years. Your car wrap can last up to 10 years with proper care. 


The first step in the process is to clean the exterior of your car. Next, you will wash the exterior from top to bottom to prepare the surface for the vinyl wrap. Once the vehicle is clean, remove the fender covers and headlights to allow the vinyl to wrap around them. The edges will then be glued to the side and back of the panels. Once the wrapping process is complete, the car will look brand new.

There are several methods of car wrapping, and you can choose the one that suits your budget and time. In-house graphic designers can help you design the graphics for your car while the installation process requires a small investment. You should have a dust-free workspace to work in. Getting the vinyl wraps on your own is also a cost-effective option. You can save more money if you can do the design and printing on your own.

Quicker installation

In addition to maximizing the visual appeal of a car, vinyl wraps provide paint protection and durability. In contrast, custom paint jobs take time to complete. Depending on the design’s complexity, they require prep work and time to dry between coats, which can take days or even weeks. Because vinyl car wraps are installed in a single day, it can reduce the time it takes to finish the vehicle.

There are two common ways to install vinyl on a car. One method is wet wraps, which are applied by dipping the film in an application fluid. The liquid helps the film float during the adhesion process. The liquid also deadens the adhesive briefly, making it easier to check for alignment. The dry method is easier to complete, but inexperienced wrappers often use the wet method.


Car vinyl wraps are created by professional designers and created to suit your specifications. Apart from giving your vehicle a unique look, car vinyl wraps protect your vehicle’s paint from damage. In addition, the wrap prevents dirt from accumulating on your car and makes cleaning a breeze. Let’s look at the benefits of car wraps and the factors you need to consider before getting one for your vehicle.

Paint Protection Film, or PPF, is a transparent urethane film that covers the surface of a car and provides impact protection. In addition, it shields the paint from scuffs, cracks, rock chips, and UV light. Other than that, it also protects against oil spills, bird droppings, and watermarks. With vinyl wraps, you’ll also get a slick appearance, which means your car’s value will rise significantly.

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