Civil Damages Following Theft and Fraud Convictions

Civil Damages Following Theft and Fraud Convictions

Being accused of a crime is never a pleasant experience. Individuals convicted of committing a crime typically face exorbitant fines, incarceration, constricting probationary terms, or a combination of all three. However, in addition to these serious punishments there is also the possibility that the convicted individual can be forced to pay out even more money for civil damages to those impacted by the incident.

Various Demands for Damages

Damages are the fiscal compensations provided to victims. Damages are typically provided by those determined to be responsible for a given wrongdoing. In criminal cases involving theft or fraud, damages can be requested by individuals or entities that were negatively impacted by those who stole or committed fraud. The typical demands and stipulations concerning civil damages in fraud and theft cases include the following:

A retail store that has been the victim of shoplifting will request a civil penalty to be paid by the individual found guilty of shoplifting from the entity.

The individual victims of fraud or theft can request civil damages to cover the cost of the items stolen or the money taken from a scam.

The individual victims that have been wronged in a fraud or theft case can also file a claim for civil damages compensating for any mental, physical, or emotional pain and suffering they experienced during or following the crime itself.

Overall, the accused can be forced to pay civil damages by the court as part of their overall sentencing.

Any of these instances can lead the already suffering accused to pay exorbitant amounts in damages on top of their regular sentencing.

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