How to Travel and Be a Criminal Lawyer

How to Travel and Be a Criminal Lawyer

Today I’m on a plane to Cabo for 5 days for a wedding. I’m leaving on a Wednesday and coming back on Sunday. And if I do things right, anyone needing a DUI lawyer will have me at their services. How do I do this? I’m about to tell you right now.

First things first, I’m set up to be a mobile DUI lawyer. That means I can access my email, my files, and my phone from anywhere in the world. I have to be honest with you, though, I don’t yet know exactly how the phone situation will work (I won’t be able to answer it but will be able to respond to messages and the like), but I’m going to figure it out this week. Here’s what I have set up to do everything.

Every time a file comes into my office, it is scanned and labeled with the date, the party name, and a short description of what it is. So, for example, if I filed a notice of appearance on myself, today, it would look like this: 10-06-15 – Small – NOA. The reason the year goes first is so that everything gets listed chronologically. Some cases actually span years!

Once they are scanned in, I put the files in a cloud computing like place called dropbox. I think the first 2 gigabytes of memory are free, and then it’s like $10 a month to get 10 gigs if you need it. They key, though is that it is available wherever you have wifi, and the files on your computer are accessible even if you don’t have wifi (like me, for example, writing this entry on the plane in mid-air). When you want to save a file to dropbox you just drag it into the dropbox folder. You can give permissions to people to allow them to access certain folders, and everyone can get the files whenever they need them.

I also have a Google voice number. What a Google voice number allows me to do is have one central number for my criminal law practice that I can then forward wherever and whenever I need to. I can send it to my cell phone if I’m out of the office, another number where I know I’ll be, or anywhere else. That means I can be a criminal lawyer on the go, at all times. And if someone leaves a message, it is immediately forwarded to my email both as a text and audio file. I can listen to the message right from my email!

The great thing about technology these days is it allows me to be a criminal attorney or DUI attorney no matter I’m at in the world. As long as I don’t have to be in court or physically be some place (which can be worked around), I can jetset the world over and still be the best criminal lawyer out there.

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