Criminal Attorney Information

Criminal Attorney Information

Las Vegas, Nevada is the playground of America. Americans flock to Las Vegas from every corner of the country in order to bask in the glamor and excitement of this country’s most famous city. Most of the time, Las Vegas is synonymous with fun. Sometimes, though, things can go horribly wrong. When they do go wrong, that’s when you need to find a Las Vegas Criminal Attorney.

Especially if you have never been charged with a crime before, you will probably be in shock from the experience. Remember, whether you are guilty of the crime or not, you still have the constitutional right to an attorney. If you have been charged with a crime in LV, it is imperative that you exercise that right immediately.

It is best to contact an experienced local attorney first, even if you have your own attorney elsewhere. Your own attorney cannot help you as quickly or efficiently as a local criminal defense attorney can, because he will not have the connections or local knowledge that an experienced Las Vegas, Nevada Criminal Attorney will.

You do have the right to defend yourself in a court of law and you do have the right to use a court appointed attorney, but these are not options you should even consider. You are far more likely to get a favorable outcome if you hire an experienced, competent local criminal attorney.

In Las Vegas, a competent and experienced criminal lawyer will have dealt with a broad range of legal issues. LV lawyers, in fact, frequently represent clients who are charged with a crime that is unique to the city – casino fraud. The casinos take even minor cases of fraud with the utmost seriousness and attempt to get the highest sentence possible imposed by the court.

In a city like Las Vegas, where emotions are so often running high, there are occasions when anger and aggression take over. If this has happened to you or someone you know and you are facing arrest on battery charges, don’t waste a minute. Engage the services of an LV criminal attorney immediately. If you have been incarcerated, he will start by posting your bail for you. Then, he will stand at your side throughout the legal proceedings.

The State of Nevada does not look on assault and battery charges lightly. Even a first offence, committed in the heat of the moment, can result in a 6 months sentence. On top of that, you can face stiff fines, court costs and other monetary penalties. You are likely also to be ordered to perform as many as 120 hours of service to the community. With your defense attorney at your side, you stand the best chance of having your charges either dismissed or reduced to the minimum sentence and fine.

With experience in everything from traffic violations the violent crime, a competent Las Vegas Criminal Attorney has the expertise you need to help you out of a crisis. He has taken a pledge to be your legal advocate and he takes that pledge seriously. Don’t deny yourself of your constitutional right to the services of an attorney. He is the only one who can help you get the best result out of a bad situation.

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