Criminal Defense Lawyer – How to Choose One

Criminal Defense Lawyer – How to Choose One

Choosing a criminal defense lawyer to help you is important if you are facing possible criminal charges. A criminal defense lawyer can help you fight the charges and will ensure that you have fair trial in court. However, in choosing a criminal defense attorney, you should follow these useful tips so that you get the right one that can help you with your problem:

First, it is wise to get a referral from the local Bar Association. There is a process for organization wherein you can either call for a list of attorneys or look up attorneys by their area of specialization. You should get someone with a background in the type of case that you have. For instance, if you are charged with drunk driving, get someone that has experience in handling and defending DUI suspects.

Second, decide on the outcome that you want to have and look for a lawyer that can handle it. For example, if you want to be cleared of the charges you are facing, you may want to get one that is good at courtroom trial. On the other hand, if you want to cut the best deal possible, there are lawyers who do well at plea bargains.

Third, better ask questions before choosing a specific attorney to help you. Ask him about how long he has been in the practice of law, his experience with handling cases the same as yours and how much does he charge and how much he might want up front. Check out if he can handle your case, or pass it off to an associate. Make sure that he is licensed as well.

Fourth, do some background checks. You can do this by searching for his name on the internet search engine. Check out if he has good records. The internet might not give everything that you want to know about your potential lawyer but it can give you some important facts like if the lawyer is affiliated with credible and reputed lawyers’ organization or if he has won cases similar to yours. You can also check with the Bar Association if he has been subjected to disciplinary actions. It is also wise if you get a recommendation from someone you know in the legal system.

Fifth, compare lawyers. Just like shopping around, before you settle for a particular product, check other products. The best lawyer might not be the one who has the biggest advertisement space in your local newspaper or in yellow pages. Talk to several lawyers and compare their prices as well as how they would handle your case.

Sixth, make sure that you are comfortable with the criminal defense lawyer you select. Explain your case to him and listen as your lawyer explains who you will proceed with the case.

Now that you know these important tips in selecting the right lawyer, follow them and you won’t have a hard time at court.

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