Drug Possession Laws In The US And Need Of A Criminal Attorney

Drug Possession Laws In The US And Need Of A Criminal Attorney

US Drug Possession Scene

For almost a century, US have been plagued with a concoction of narcotics from both inside and outside the country. Criminal narcotics industry is a multi-billion dollar, multifaceted business with such consequences and effects that ultimately drip down to local cities along with neighborhoods in America. From manufacturing along with distributing to sales as well as simple possession, the wide scope of criminal activities regarding illegal narcotics is astonishing. According to CSIS, almost 14 thousand people die because of illegal drugs and another thousand dies due to criminal activities of illegal drug possession. Therefore federal as well as state laws have stated that owning, carrying, holding, holding or any form of illegal drug possession is a serious offense against the society.

The zeitgeist of a society is reflected by drug possession laws and policy of that particular society. Possessing certain drugs can lead to harsher penalties compared to other illegal drugs due to the peripheral illegal activities and bubble of violence associated with these particular drugs. An individual can get away with some fines by possessing a specific drug whereas possession of another drug can result into incarceration automatically.

Possessing illegal drugs is a very severe crime with very serious penalties both in federal and state level. The severity of penalties in a drug possession charge depends on the following factors:

1. Drug type.

2. Quantity.

3. The offender’s intent.

4. Offender’s age.

5. Crime location.

Let’s explain this with the help of an example. If you possess an ounce of marijuana that is found in your car, it will be a misdemeanor. So you will not face severe penalties. If but if you are found with five pounds of cocaine with intent to sell it near a public school, then it will be a felony and the penalties will be severe. In case of drug possession crimes, penalties are proportional to crime along with the related mitigating factors.

Misdemeanor Drug Possession

A misdemeanor is a much smaller crime compared to the felony ones. The drug possession penalties vary from state to state. Normally the penalties of misdemeanor are as follows:

1. Small fine.

2. Court counseling mandated by the court.

3. Community service.

4. Probation.

Felony drug possession charges are much more serious compared to the misdemeanor ones. In these cases, the penalties are harsher that are mandated by the law. In felony cases, along with possession there is also the intent to distribute or sell to someone. If the offender has a large amount of drug in possession, then it will be a case of felony drug possession.

Need A Criminal Attorney

Drug laws are so much strict now that even a simple misdemeanor can be raised to a severe felony depending on the circumstance and the location of the crime as well as other related factors. So in case of a conviction of such severe offense, adequate legal representation is very much needed. Only a good drug lawyer can assure that representation. So it is important to hire a good drug lawyer.

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