Four Ways to Market a Unique Business Start-Up in an Old-Fashioned City

Old-fashioned cities are more prominent than you could imagine, with close-knit communities of prideful locals—most of whom might be wary of new businesses, especially start-ups. However, if you love a challenge, there are several ways to market your unique business concepts to those traditional locals in an old-fashioned, rarely-change city.

Stick to Old City Classifieds, Store Windows, and Message Boards

Classified ads, store windows, and community message boards are still a thing in old-fashioned cities. Ergo, you should adopt these classic marketing techniques to integrate your business into the steadfast, loyal communities of locals. Print up fliers, create an advertisement from a custom sign shop Washington (or somewhere similar), think old-school with a printing press, and don’t shy away from bold fonts.

Find the City Social Media Account and Advertise Regularly

Most cities, old-fashioned or otherwise, have their own social media account to keep locals informed of any changes, such as impending road work or new businesses (like yours). Sign yourself up as a start-up business for social media and advertise, respectfully, on the city’s page.

Offer Samples or Free Services for a Limited Time to Draw Customers

Customers of all shapes, sizes, and ages LOVE free samples and services, so offer something from your business for a limited time. For example, you could offer a free item for customers that spend a specific amount in your store. Or, if you operate online exclusively to save up for a brick and mortar, set up a funding account to donate proceeds to accomplish a store that locals can physically visit.

Note: It’s a bit harder to advertise for an exclusively online business, so work the social media angle to engage local customers, as well as others from surrounding cities.

Invest Time, Energy, and Love into the Community

One of the best ways to advertise for a new business is to invest yourself into a community. Volunteer your time, then use a platform of new friends and acquaintances to respectfully, politely get the word out about your business plans. Learn how to accept and love the community as much as you want them to accept and love your new business.

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