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When you have come to the path in your life where your next step is hiring a personal injury lawyer, you are likely already stressed and anxious about where your situation is going to take you. Hiring an attorney is a huge consideration: you only have one shot in most lawsuits, and if you hire the wrong one, he or she could be the reason you lose your case.

There are many excellent personal injury attorneys out there, however, and many of them may be in your area if you know what to look for. Here are the 5 top qualities you should use to determine who your next personal injury lawyer is going to be.

5 Qualities to Look for in a Reputable Personal Injury Attorney

  1. They know their field. The term “personal injury” is a very broad subject ranging everywhere from basic car accidents to complicated wrongful deaths. Whatever your situation calls for, you need to find an expert with experience in that particular field to represent you in your lawsuit.
  1. They care about defending your rights and want you to win. Some attorneys prefer to play the numbers – the more cases they have, the less they have to win and they can still make money. Other attorneys, like the Hupy and Abraham personal injury attorneys, actually care about you as a person and want to defend your rights and get you the compensation you are entitled to.

These attorneys don’t mind working hard to do what is necessary to make sure that your case is presented to the best of their ability.

  1. A good personal injury attorney has a respected name in the business. Anyone can use positive feedback from a satisfied client, but to earn the respect of your peers in the field of law is an accomplishment worth taking another look at.

If the personal injury attorney you are considering has been allowed to join their highest ranking national groups, is involved in local and regional organizations, and has demonstrated success over their time serving in the field of law, they are probably the real deal.

  1. They are available when you need them. Lawyers are notoriously busy and you should not expect to be able to talk to them every time you call, but if you need something you should be able to speak to their assistant and they should make themselves available to return your phone call.

Beyond that, ask them what their communication schedule is. Personal injury cases often take a long time to settle, but someone should check in with you monthly to let you know where your case stands at that time.

  1. They are willing to communicate with you and answer your questions. Your lawyer should take over handling the little details and the big stuff, so you don’t have to worry about most of the legal obligations of your case. However, if you have any questions along the way, they should be willing and able to answer your questions to your satisfaction.

Strong Personal Injury Attorneys Have a Mix of Qualities

It’s not just about being smart about what they do, although that is a necessary component. When you find the right personal injury attorney, they will care about you and be willing to communicate with you to assuage your concerns and do what it takes to help you end up with a successful outcome.