Refusing to Be the Victim: 5 Reasons You Need a Qualified Attorney to Pursue Your Personal Injury Claim

You’ve been involved in an incident or accident that causes personal injury. Perhaps it was a grisly car accident that left you with broken limbs or a serious whiplash. Fortunately, you’ve got the necessary medical attention and although you’ll have to live with the pain for a few days or weeks, you’re glad to be alive.

Now, you’re planning to file a lawsuit to claim compensation for the damages you sustained. It would be in your best interest to hire a professional personal injury attorney to file the case on your behalf. The following are five reasons why;

  1. Statutes of Limitations

The law provides only a small window within which any personal injury suit must be filed. Once this window passes, you forever lose the right to file a suit and thus lose the chance to get compensation. A qualified attorney or attorney firm such as is critical here for two reasons.

  • They are aware of the statutes of limitations.
  • They are better equipped to prepare the case and file within the provided period.

  1. Legal Knowledge and Experience

All personal injury claims are handled within the corridors of the law. Even those that are eventually settled outside of the court are negotiated by top lawyers. The defendant (person you’re accusing) for instance, will come with their own attorney. The judge or mediator will also be a trained attorney. What this means is that all conversations will be in legal jargon. Additionally, legal procedures are very strict. One mistake and you could compromise the entire case. A qualified attorney, therefore, is your best bet.

  1. Proving a Case is Never Easy

From collecting evidence to interviewing witnesses and convincing the judge to rule in your favor is no mean task. Remember that because you’re filing the case, the burden of proof is squarely on your shoulders. The accused doesn’t have to prove anything. Failure to convince the judge means you lose. This is another reason you need a professional attorney.

  1. Negotiating Compensation is Another Tough Job

How much compensation is sufficient? This is a question asked almost all the time in personal injury cases. And, it’s a question that if not answered soberly and with facts on the table could leave you with an amount that doesn’t measure up to the damages you suffered. A personal injury attorney that has handled several similar cases is better placed to negotiate a fitting compensation.

  1. Hiring an Attorney Gives you Someone to Fight for You

After a personal injury incident such as a car accident, you may not be able to represent yourself in legal proceedings. Additionally, the accused will most likely hire a tough attorney to fight for them. You can’t count on your insurance provider to be there for you. Why? Because all they really care for is paying out as little as possible. This makes hiring a qualified attorney your best option. With the attorney on your side, you have someone genuinely interested in getting you the most favorable ruling.

So, even though it might seem convenient, don’t go it alone. Having a qualified attorney by your side is critical to the success of your lawsuit.

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