Tips for Finding a Great Criminal Defense Attorney

When you need an attorney, especially a criminal defender, it can be difficult to know where to start to find a one with the time, experience and resources to fight your case. However, these are a few tips you can follow to find someone great.

Find a Specialist

Not every attorney is a criminal defense lawyer Los Angeles CA. The law has many specializations, so search for someone who not only has experience in this type of law, but is also a specialist. As you search law firm websites, search for specific references to this practice. Also, ask how much of the attorneys’ practice involves criminal defense and the percentage of their cases involving this type of law. You want someone who is informed on the latest laws and best practices in the field.

Investigate Their Experience

Not only do you want a specialist, but you should seek a criminal defense attorney with extensive experience both in the law and in this specialization. In addition, search for someone who has several years of experience in your local jurisdiction. These individuals understand the nuances of the local court system and the courtroom procedures demanded by local judges. This knowledge helps legal professionals build strong defense strategies.

Pay Attention to Their Communication

You should always ask prospective attorneys about their communication processes. For example, find out how often you should expect to hear from the firm and how that communication will occur, via phone or email.

However, pay special attention to how long it takes an attorney to get back to you when you call for a consultation. Remove anyone from your list who does not get back to you within one business day. These legal professionals may not have the time or resources to add your case to their list. In addition, their initial communication may suggest their future communication.

These are just a few tips for finding the right attorney. Do your research to find the best legal representation available.

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