What Are the Seven Types of Bail Bonds?

 It can hard to get yourself out of police custody. This is further complicated by the different types of bonds available to you. Here are the seven types of bail bonds available that can help you secure your release.

Citation Release

This is the best case scenario bail bond. A citation release means that you were not taken into police custody. You are given a citation with a date and time of your next court appearance. These releases are given for minor crimes and traffic violations.

Recognizance Release

This type of bail bond is the second easiest for release. You promise to appear before a judge on a given date. There is no money needed for your release.

Cash Bail

Cash bail is paid in cash. You pay this bond by yourself as long as you have access to the money. Most police departments will accept cash bonds. Correction departments are another story. They often will only accept a cashier’s check or credit card to pay for the bond.

Surety Bond

If you don’t have access to cash, you will need to work with a bail bond company. They can offer you a surety bond. This bond is secured by paying 10 percent of the bail amount.

Property Bond

The use of property bonds vary by state. The transactions are handled by the court. Your full property rights are used as collateral.

Federal Bail Bonds

Federal bail bonds are only used for federal crimes. You can pay for these bonds with property or cash.

Immigration Bail Bond

This bond is used for non-residents and non-citizens in the United States. These bonds can be difficult to obtain due to the legal status of the arrestee.

If you are looking for bail bonds near me Pittsburgh PA, there are options for you. An experienced bail bond company can help you secure bail and get released.

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