When to Hire a Divorce Lawyer?

Not every divorce lawsuit is settled and closed with the help of a divorce lawyer. Many small divorce cases are often filed individually as there aren’t many complicated issues to deal with. Whether you should get a lawyer to look into your case depends on your circumstances.

When You Don’t Need a Lawyer

You don’t need to spend money on hiring a divorce lawyer if you can work out every issue with your spouse amicably. Some of the legal issues that need to be resolved in a divorce case are child support, child custody, debt payment, and distribution of property. When you work with your spouse, you will be able to make the best decision on the important issues that are brought up in the court. Your children will also experience a smoother transition. It is up to you to get a lawyer to go through the agreement. Divorce lawyers Irving TX will be able to ensure that the agreement drafted between you and your spouse does not miss any important information.

You are Facing Violence from Your Ex

You can hire a divorce lawyer if you are being ill-treated by your ex. Your ex is abusing you verbally or physically and you are afraid of living in violence every day. You can seek a divorce lawyer to help you take out a temporary restraining order to keep your ex away from you before the divorce case is settled. With the temporary restraining order, you have permission from the court to move out of the house with the kids. If you don’t have the temporary restraining order, your spouse can accuse you of kidnapping the children.

You and Your Ex Can’t Come to Terms on Financial Issues

You and your ex are having a big argument on how the assets, and properties are to be divided. You don’t trust your spouse and think he is hiding some important financial issues from you. If you have a lawyer, he will be able to perform an investigation and find out all the financial issues. The lawyer can assist in valuing assets if you and your spouse can’t decide on the value of a property. He will review the previous appraisals, and tax assessment when valuing the assets. The divorce lawyer can assist in the property division and make sure that each party receives an equal amount.

You Need Assistance in Child Custody Issues

You need a lawyer to help with the child custody issues in your divorce. It can be difficult to agree on certain topics with your ex. If you and your ex can’t come to agreement, you can get a lawyer to help you in making the arrangement. In this way, you can avoid arguing with the judge in the court. If you and your ex already come into an agreement, you can get a lawyer as a limited scope representation and help you review it. A divorce attorney can also guide you if you need to appeal to court orders to make changes to an arrangement. He can help you to renegotiate the child support and redraft the schedule.

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